About Bio

Bio Group Medical System deals with the distribution of medical instruments,histopathology equipment, IN-Vitrodiagnostics and equipments for the clinical analysis laboratory, as well as important services for this fundamental medical sectorBio-Group has consistently committed itself to provide reliable support to our customers.BioGroup Team (BGT) is a self-organized panel of professionals with a shared interest in trading and investing in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.Our corporate mission is to provide extraordinary service precisely aligned to meet client requirements.Bio Group is the leading supplierand distributor of Histopathology Equipmentand IN-Vitro diagnostic systems in Chennai. We supplyhigh quality, high value products which are sold to hospitals and clinical laboratories.

The Family Bio-Group

We remain a family owned business with individual staff gaining over 15 years’ experience working with us as we have grown. We pride ourselves in having successfully supported some accounts continuously since we first began, having originally helped by working together, assisting with the original setting up of many Bio departments, and subsequentially having provided many years of training for new staff, as well as those original individuals, of whom many remain today. We are fully committed to maintaining this skill and standard by continuing to provide training and support to customers, by sharing our expertise with them and their new staff on an ongoing basis well into the future.

As well as in-house manufacture we work alongside select partners with high quality medical In-vitrodiagnostic, and ancillary products to promote to the medical laboratories, clinics, and facilities within the India.