BSI's EVOLUTION is the new semi-automatic laboratory analyzer for clinical Chemistry tests. It has a semi-automatic photometer for up to 120 different test programs with absorbance, end-point, kinetics, fixed time multi-standard and differential tests, completely managed by microprocessors and 10 positions incubator programmable from 20 °C to 40 °C. Calculation on this instrument is performed automatically so that results are displayed and printed out directly in the required measuring unit and is equipped with graphic 240x128 pixels display, graphic printer RS232 output. Data Handling Software Click here for

Coralab 3000

Coralab 3000 backed by a magnificent warehouse, we are involved in trading, exporting and importing Automated Biochemistry Analyzer. Handed over in tamper proof packaging, the proposed selection is manufactured as per the predefined industry guidelines. Easy to use and sturdily constructed, these efficient analyzers are massively acclaimed and accepted among Click here for

coralab plus

We are one of the celebrated traders, exporters and suppliers of Semi Automated Biochemistry Analyzer that is massively acclaimed for its easy usage, optimum performance and low maintenance cost. Made available in different specifications, these efficient and ruggedly constructed analyzers are immensely popular among our precious Click here for

Coralab Procedure Catalogue

The Coralab Procedure Catalogue is interactive. Once you submit a Procedure Catalog statement, you can continue to submit and execute statements or groups of statements without repeating the Procedure Catalog statement.The changes specified in a given Click here for

Coralyzer 100 Tech System Specification

The instrument has exclusive Quality control programmed assay system to check over the patient results.Click here for