Bio Group is the leading medical instruments supplier of Molecular biology kits and leading distributor in the field of Clinical laboratory and histopathology equipment.Tarsons is a leader in the production and supply of laboratory plastic ware for use within molecular biology, cell culture, genomics, proteomics, immunology, and most general laboratory applications. The product line includes Beakers, Bottles, Carboys, Centrifuge Ware, CryoLabware, Filter Funnels, Stirrer bars and much more.Tarsons Cryo Vials are leak-proof, screw cap, self-standing (skirted) vials. Each vial has a marking area and printed graduations. Suitable for use in vapour phase of liquid nitrogenTarsonsCryo Boxes are the most popular choice for storage of Cryo Vials. Sturdy and durable. Boxes are gridded to store individual vials. Lid is marked with numbers. Box and lid are notched so that lid can fit only one way.These stackable boxes are designed for storage of sample up to -90°C. The lid is connected to the box base by hinges and a lock Click here for